Winners of the 2017 International Photographer

The winners of the 2017 International Photographer of the Year competition have been announced. American photographer Sarah Blesener won the grand prize.

Her photo series Beckon Us from Home beat out over 4,000 submissions, leaving her with the title of International Photographer of the Year.


‘Beckon Us from Home’ by Sarah Blesener. International Photographer of the Year. 


Proud for one second’ by Jan Janssen. International Discovery of the Year. 

A visit to the stratosphere’ by Christiaan van Heijst.

‘Monochromatic Hairscapes’ by Michal Balan.

‘Wave Crashers’ by Emily Kaszton. First Place, Nature: Aerial (Professional).

‘Neon Desert’ by Stefano Gardel. International Fine Art Photographer of the Year.

‘Singularity’ by Florian W. Mueller. International Architecture Photographer of the Year.

‘Courtship’ by Philip Thurston. International Nature Photographer of the Year.

‘Chamaleon Project’ by Ana Santos. Second place, Fine Art: Conceptual (Professional).

‘Battersea’ by Giulio Zanni. Second place, Open Category: Long Exposure (Amateur).

Anarchic’ by Philip Thurston. Second place, Nature: Seascapes (Professional).

‘The Hosts’ by Isabela Pacini. International People Photographer of the Year.

‘New Jersey Turnpike’ by Stuart Chape. Second place, Editorial: Environment (Professional).

‘Untitled’ by Pedro Diaz Molins. Second place, Fine Art: Photomanipulation (Amateur).

‘Heart of Steel’ by Ahmed Thabet. First place, Architecture: Bridges (Professional).

‘Lighting Clothes’ by Ramon Vaquero. Third place, People:Fashion/Beauty

‘Losing Face’ by Argus Paul Estabrook. First place, Open Category: Photojournalism/Story (Amateur).

‘Desert Essential’ by Giovanni Canclini. First place, Open Category: Open Theme (Amateur).
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