Photo Series Showcases Women Facing Their Body Insecurities

These simple black and white images carry a heavy message about the lack of self acceptance women often feel towards their bodies. The project, entitled ‘We.Women‘ shows people staring at their own reflection dressed only in their underwear.


we-women-body-image-photos-02 we-women-body-image-photos-03

The work of Lithuanian photographer Neringa Rekašiūtė, TV presenter Beata Tiškevič Hasanova and communications specialist Modesta Kairyte, the photos convey a complex issue with beautiful poignancy.

we-women-body-image-photos-04 we-women-body-image-photos-05 we-women-body-image-photos-06

we-women-body-image-photos-01we-women-body-image-photos-07 we-women-body-image-photos-08 we-women-body-image-photos-09 we-women-body-image-photos-10 we-women-body-image-photos-11 we-women-body-image-photos-12 we-women-body-image-photos-13

Women of all ages and sizes took part in the project which aims to challenge the way they see their bodies.