Treehouse Built For Enjoying Cherry Blossoms

Japanese architect Terunobu Fujimori has built a charming fairytale-like treehouse in Hokuto, Japan, that is perfect for viewing cherry blossoms.

Architect Terunobu Fujimori is known for his surreal structures which he creates using mostly natural materials like wood and stone. As Phaidon states, “In a pioneering professional career now spanning 20 years, the architect has produced two-legged teahouses suspended 20 metres above the ground; homes whose chimneys are planted with pines and whose roofs are covered in leeks and chives; and guesthouses that perch precariously atop small segments of white wall.”

“A building should not resemble anyone else’s buildings, past or present, or any style that has developed since the Bronze Age,”

Treehouse in Cherry Blossoms 1

Treehouse in Cherry Blossoms 2 Treehouse in Cherry Blossoms 3

Treehouse in Cherry Blossoms 4