Stunning Ice Sculptures Carved From Only One Block Of Ice

Fairbanks, Alaska hosts the World Ice Art Championships every year and this year’s contestants did not disappoint. The 2013 edition featured over 70 teams of sculptors from all around the world. They took part in several contests in the month-long event, though some of the most impressive pieces seem to derive from the Single Block competition in which one or two-person teams are challenged to sculpt with only one large block of ice.

The block of ice that each team worked with for this category was approximately 8’x5’x3′ and later illuminated with a spectacular array of LED lights.

Ice Sculptures 1

Ice Sculptures 2 Ice Sculptures 3 Ice Sculptures 5 Ice Sculptures 4 2013worldiceartchampionship9 Ice Sculptures 10 2013worldiceartchampionship8 Ice Sculptures 7 Ice Sculptures 6 Ice Sculptures 11 2013worldiceartchampionship13 2013worldiceartchampionship12 2013worldiceartchampionship14 2013worldiceartchampionship15 Ice Sculptures 16 Ice Sculptures 17

Photo credit: Kim Iverson
via [ Twisted Sifter ]