Striking Photographs Of Geometric Light Patterns Projected On Models

London-based fashion photographer Sølve Sundsbø is back with another stunning series featuring dazzling light patterns projected on models.


Stripes-and-Polka-Dots-Projection-Portraits-1 Numero

Strikingly mesmerizing, the lines and polka dots covering their faces and bodies curve and wrap around their contours, making for a visually arresting sight.

Numero Numero Stripes-and-Polka-Dots-Projection-Portraits-2 Stripes-and-Polka-Dots-Projection-Portraits-5 Stripes-and-Polka-Dots-Projection-Portraits-6 Stripes-and-Polka-Dots-Projection-Portraits-7 Numero Numero Numero Numero Stripes-and-Polka-Dots-Projection-Portraits-14 Numero