French Photographer Travels The World Only To Reveal The Beauty Of Turning 30



 Maceo. Entrepreneur. Los Angeles, USA.
“They say that in your 30s you settle in your identity, and I feel that’s very much true…”

StephaneDomingues3AnneParisFrance Maceo. Entrepreneur. Los Angeles, USA.
“They say that in your 30s you settle in your identity, and I feel that’s very much true…”

StephaneDomingues3BeatriceLikomaIslandMalawi Beatrice. Entrepreneur. Likoma Island, Malawi.

“I am oId…because 30 is a lot of years…I have 3 chidren already, the oldest is 11. That is almost as if the next generation was already there… It seems like my life is already settled and won’t deviate much from what it is now in the future.”

StephaneDomingues4KevinCapeTownSouthAfrica Kevin. Software developer. Cape Town, South Africa.
“I don’t feel old, just more experienced and that’s really a good thing!”

StephaneDomingues5FarukIlhadoMozambiqueMozambique Faruk. Fisherman. Ilha do Mozambique, Mozambique.
“My best memory will be ‘right now!’ Why? Because I am able to have a better job and income than ever before.”

StephaneDomingues6stefanieNewYorkUnitedStates Stefanie. Actor, writer, model. New York, United States.
“I don’t really care about being 30, I am confident enough to just not care.”

StephaneDomingues7OscarPotosiBolivia Oscar. Miner. Potosi, Bolivia.
“Turning 30 did not change much in life. I got my first children quite early (21 yo) and all responsibilities came at that time…”


Janice. Marketing consultant. São Paulo, Brazil.
“I have a lot to do in a really short time… Travel as much as possible, get married, and have children, and write a book… I need dreams to be happy!”


Sindani. Housewife. Masai Village, Tanzania.
“Even if life is quite tough, I wouldn’t change anything. We have the basics: a home and water.”


Zoltan. Project manager. Budapest, Hungary.
“Within 10 years, I want to accomplish travels such as visiting Mayan ruins. Basically, I want to fill my mind with memories… I will be able in 10 years, to tell stories about my travels, how fun they were.”


Magdalena. Tourism marketing/logistics. Puerto Tranquilo, Chile.
“The only thing that changed is that, when someone asks my age, I try to avoid saying it.”

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