51 Best Photos From The Sony World Photography Awards 2019

51 Best Photos From The Sony World Photography Awards 2019

Here are the best photos from the Sony World Photography Awards 2019 contest.

Currently, in its 12th year, the goal of the competition is to showcase the best contemporary photography around the world.

1. Underwater Gannets by Tracey Lund, National Awards 1st Place, United Kingdom, Winner, Open competition, Natural World & Wildlife

2. Natural phenomena & man creation by Carole Pariat, France, 1st Place, Open, Street Photography

3. Grayson Perry – Birth by Richard Ansett, United Kingdom, 1st Place, Open, Portraiture (Open competition), 2019 Sony World Photography Awards

4. Shadow Puppetry by Pan Jianhua, National Awards 1st Place, China Mainland, Winner, Open competition, Culture

5. Familial Ryokan in Beppu by Nicolas Boyer , France, 1st Place, Open, Travel 

6. Riyadh Entrepreneurs by Nyree Cox, National Awards, Winner, Saudi Arabia

7. Pilar 3 by Gisela Filc, Argentina, 1st Place, National Awards, 2019 Sony World Photography Awards

8. Dance in the subway of Santiago de Chile © Maria Paz Morales, Chile, 1st Place, National Awards, 2019 Sony World Photography Awards

9. Fish Eyes © Hardijanto Budyman, Indonesia, 1st Place, National Awards, 2019 Sony World Photography Awards

10. Country Road © Tharinda Jayawardana, Sri Lanka, 1st Place, National Awards

11. Portraiture: ‘Xibalba’ By Tim Cavadini, Germany

12. Architecture: ‘The Mirrored Entrance Of Tokyu Plaza’ By Connor Henderson, Australia

13. Creative Category Winner: ‘Dreamers And Warriors’ By Martin Stranka, Czech Republic

14. Creative: ‘A Dog And Its Best Friend’ By Arvids Baranovs, Latvia

15. Creative: ‘A Walk On The Bike’ By Alexandr Vlassyuk, Russia

16. Landscape: ‘Solitude’ By Swapnil Deshpande, India

17. Natural World & Wildlife: ‘Huddle’ By Nadia Aly, United States

18. Motion Category Winner: ‘Harmony’ By Christy Lee Rogers, United States

19. Natural World & Wildlife: ‘Untitled’ By Greg Lecoeur, France

20. Travel: ‘Forest Of Resonating Lamps’ By Yukihito Ono, Japan

21. Architecture: ‘Tangshan, 2018’ By Jennifer Bin, Canada

22. Creative: ‘Everyday Resignation’ By Hikichi Masatou, Japan

23. Culture: ‘Synergy Of Humanity’ By Eng Chung Tong, Malaysia

24. Motion: ‘National Police Day’ By Piotr Cyganik, Poland

25. Motion: ‘Little Wizard’ By Marlena Kurowska-Jankowiak, Poland

26. Motion: ‘Smoke’ By Alexey Holod, Russia

27. Architecture: ‘Sentinel’ By Shaun Mills, United Kingdom

28. Architecture: ‘Seeing The Light I’ By Christopher Madden, United Kingdom

29. Creative: ‘Polkadot On Memory Bliss’ By Hardijanto Budyman, Indonesia

30. Culture: ‘Greek Traditional Life’ By Georgios Papapostolou, Greece

31. Landscape: ‘Executioner’ By Neil Burnell, United Kingdom

32. Landscape: ‘Illusion’ By Gérard Bret, France

33. Motion: ‘The Hands’ By Filippos Alafakis, Greece

34. Street Photography: ‘Hey You’ By Fabian Ruchti, Switzerland

35. Architecture: ‘Aquatic Rider’ By Daniel Portch, United Kingdom

36. Creative: ‘In Between’ By Antoine Tiggart, United States

37 Landscape Category Winner: ‘Stumps, Alder Lake, Nisqually River, Washington’ By Hal Gage, United States

38. Motion: ‘Untitled’ By Sergio Ferreira Ruiz, Spain

39 Motion: ‘Untitled’ By Sergio Ferreira Ruiz, Spain

40. Portraiture: ‘Diamond Skin’ By Mikeila Borgia, Argentina

41. Portraiture: ‘Bruno’s Portrait’ By Elena Merce, Spain

42. Travel: ‘Whale Shark Encounter, Papua West, 2018’ By Marco Zaffignani, Italy

43. Travel: ‘Flower On The Sea’ By Trung Pham Huy, Vietnam

44. Landscape: ‘The Sarzhematy River’ By Oleg Kugaev, Russia

46. Natural World & Wildlife: ‘Face To Face’ By Manuel Enrique González Carmona, Spain

47. Landscape: ‘Frozen Pond’ By Svein Nordrum, Norwegian

48. Architecture: ‘Hubris Part I’ By Katarzyna Young, South Africa

49. Creative: ‘Little Mona Lisa’ By Mariëtte Aernoudts, Netherlands

50. Creative: ‘Untitled’ By Kelly Ts, Greece

51. Motion: ‘Night Swim’ By Remy Whiting, United Kingdom

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