Sand Sculpture by Susanne Ruseler

Susanne Ruseler creating sculptures from materials such as snow, ice, and sand. Her work now takes her all over the world, to places like St. Petersburg and Madrid to Tel Aviv and South Korea, where she makes intricate sand sculpture scenes at private events, festivals and competitions.

The Utrecht, Netherlands-based artist doesn’t hold back when creating her works. Her sculptures are incredibly intricate, often involving the combination of many figures to create one comprehensive scene.


Sand-Sculpture-Scenes-by-Susanne-Ruseler-2 Sand-Sculpture-Scenes-by-Susanne-Ruseler-3 Sand-Sculpture-Scenes-by-Susanne-Ruseler-4 Sand-Sculpture-Scenes-by-Susanne-Ruseler-5 Sand-Sculpture-Scenes-by-Susanne-Ruseler-6 Sand-Sculpture-Scenes-by-Susanne-Ruseler-7 Sand-Sculpture-Scenes-by-Susanne-Ruseler-8 Sand-Sculpture-Scenes-by-Susanne-Ruseler-9 Sand-Sculpture-Scenes-by-Susanne-Ruseler-10

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