Roux the Kitty is the Sweetest Cat on Two Legs

Roux, an adorable little two-legged kitty adopted by Jackie Deak Akey in Louisiana, has become an Instagram sensation (more than 54.8k followers) due to her playful and inspiring nature. Despite her congenital deformity, this spunky one-year-old hops about and loves to play just like any other cat!


Roux was born with two legs


She was given up because she was unable to bury her waste in her litter box


She’s often called a “bunny-cat” because of her hopping

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Luckily, vet clinic worker Jackie Deak Akey adopted her as soon as she saw her


Besides her congenital defects, she’s otherwise healthy


Her legs get a big workout every day


She can run surprisingly fast and even jump on the sofa!

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Roux will need back and leg checkups from the vet when she grows older


For now, though, there’s nothing to worry about!


More info: Instagram (h/t: meowbox)


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