Photoshop Basics for Beginners

Photoshop Basics for Beginners Tutorials

If you are new to Adobe Photoshop, you are looking to learn some basic thing about Photoshop like Interface design, essential tools or how to working with Images and Text.

Here is the very basic photoshop video tutorial for beginners. These Youtube video tutorials will give some overall ideas about Photoshop. Let’s take look at Photoshop beginner tutorials.

Photoshop Basics for Beginners – Part 1

1:36 – 1) Interface
10:48 – 2) Effects Panel
16:54 – 3) Working With Images
27:25 – 4) Working With Text
30:10 – 5) Essential Tools


Photoshop Basics for Beginners – Part 2

1) Learning To Use Tools – 1:05
2) Using Layer Masks – 17:21
3) Lighting Effects – 23:33
4) Using Filters – 33:31


Learn Adobe Photoshop Basics

This is another Youtube video tutorial to learn all about Adobe Photoshop basics.

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