8 Most Breathtaking Weddings Held Around the World

We’ve seen some truly breathtaking weddings photos of people being married all around the world. these are the real deal.

1. Iceland

Calgary, Alberta-based photographer Gabe McClintock adds to the recent trend of unique wedding photos with his images of Sarah and Josh, a couple who eloped to the lovely country of Iceland to celebrate their nuptials. While the couple originally planned to have a simple wedding with their family and friends in Ohio, they ultimately made the decision to elope to a faraway, remote location filled with natural wonders.


2. Alaskan Ice Cave

Photographer Chris Beck recently captured stunning images of his friends Torsten and Sarah posing in the Mendenhall Glacier ice cave near Juneau, Alaska after their wedding nuptials. To get to the location, the group had to hike over rugged terrain for over two hours, kayak through freezing water, and climb the side of a mountain. Judging from the fantastic photos, we’d say it was worth it, as the couple now has a one-of-a-kind collection of portraits to commemorate their special day. The happy newlyweds look absolutely radiant in the ice cave, with streams of water flowing around them and the surreal blue glow of the glacier above them.


3. Kenya

Wedding photographer Jonas Peterson captured breathtaking scenery complete with wandering wildlife when a couple wed in Kenya in the presence of their Maasai warrior friends. The bride and groom spent two years in the area putting together a book about a lion pride, and during the course of the project, they developed close, family-like relationships with the Maasai Mara locals. When the big day came, the couple’s friends hosted the ceremony at a camp on the plains. Read more kenya wedding

4. New Zealand Mountain

Wedding photographer Eric Ronald captured a photo of a lifetime for one New Zealand couple, Belinda and Campbell. As a surprise for her soon-to-be husband, before the wedding, Belinda arranged for a helicopter flight so that right after the ceremony, the two of them could soar over a lake and land on top of a mountain. Despite the wind that day, the chopper appeared on the horizon and Ronald, the photographer, boarded it along with the couple.