Mclaren 12C GT Sprint

McLaren delivered a new release for the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2013. It came by way of the McLaren 12C GT Sprint. McLaren engineers like to show off their prowess, which they were happy to display in their 12C model, including the 12C GT3 and the limited edition 12C GT Can-Am Edition. This weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed sees Mclaren GT roll out its track-only variant, the 12C GT Sprint. Boasting enhanced handling, aerodynamics and track focus, McLaren bills it as the bridge between the standard 12C and the all-out racing versions.


Mclaren 12C GT 1

Mclaren 12C GT 2 Mclaren 12C GT 3 Mclaren 12C GT 4 Mclaren 12C GT 5