What Happens When You Pick Your Best Friend As Maid Of Honor For Your Wedding

The wedding photographer Ashley Hempel asked this Maid of Honor to assist with the veil toss portion of the couple’s photoshoot But she decided to take her duties to the next level by making her BFF’s wedding even more memorable “The groom had no idea,” said Sharilyn, “but once we started acting goofy, he played along and was laughing”

Despite the seemingly impromptu nature of the shoot, the Maid of Honor revealed that the prank had actually been a long time in the making.

“It was based off a photo Rebecca saw that we both decided we had to recreate,” she explained. “This was two years before the actual wedding!” So remember, all of you potential bridesmaids out there, if you’re going to upstage the bride, just make sure you have permission first!