20 Amazing Historic Moments In Photographs

Amazing historic photos like these can make it seem like you were standing right there during that historic moment.

A Lone Man Refusing To Do The Nazi Salute, 1936

historic photos 01

Painter Of The Brooklyn Bridge,1914

historic photos 02

 Baby Cages Used To Ensure That Children Get Enough Sunlight And Fresh Air When Living In An Apartment Building, 1937

historic photos 03

The Last Known Photo Of The Titanic Above Water, 1912

historic photos 04

Painting The Eiffel Tower, 1932

historic photos 05

Nikola Tesla Sitting In His Laboratory With His “Magnifying Transmitter”

historic photos 06

The Kiss Of Life – A Utility Worker Giving Mouth-to-mouth To Co-worker After He Contacted A High Voltage Wire, 1967

historic photos 10

106-year-old Armenian Woman Guards Home, 1990

historic photos 07

Grotto In An Iceberg, Photographed During The British Antarctic Expedition, 5 Jan 1911.

historic photos 11

Disneyland Employee Cafeteria In 1961

historic photos 08

Animals Being Used As Part Of Medical Therapy, 1956

historic photos 09

First Morning After Sweden Changed From Driving On The Left Side To Driving On The Right, 1967

historic photos 12

The First Ever Underground Train Journey, Edgware Road Station, London, 1862

historic photos 13

Measuring Bathing Suits, If They Were Too Short, Women Would Be Fined, 1920’s

historic photos 14

Unknown Soldier In Vietnam, 1965

historic photos 15

The Beatles Play For 18 People In The Aldershot Club, December 1961. They Were To Become Superstars In One And A Half Year.

historic photos 16

Elvis In The Army, 1958

historic photos 17

Customers At A London Music Store, 1955

historic photos 18

Race Organizers Attempt To Stop Kathrine Switzer From Competing In The Boston Marathon. She Became The First Woman To Finish The Race, 1967

historic photos 19

Salvador Dali Kisses The Hand Of Raquel Welch After Finishing His Famous Portrait Of Her, 1965

historic photos 20