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Hilarious Photos of “Miserable Men” on Shopping Trips

Miserable Men is a hilarious single-topic Instagram account that shares images of men on shopping trips who are cheerlessly waiting for their partners to finish browsing, trying on clothes, and purchasing items. Whether they’re standing by a fitting room, finding a comfortable spot on a chair, or settling on the ground, these men are clearly there for someone else.

Shopping centers across the globe are populated with these idle men who have resorted to one of three options: sulk in your seat, fiddle with your phone, or take a nap. The image of a man slumped on a mall couch, surrounded by shopping bags, has become the international symbol of partners who hate shopping and the continuous collection of photos submitted to Miserable Men is an ever-growing account of this universal truth that plenty of men know all too well.

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Miserable Men on Instagram
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