Harley-Davidson Racing Motorcycle

Classic Motorcycle Consignments is THE place to go for all those in search of old-school glory, and this ‘1946 Harley-Davidson WR Racer is just one of the bikes we will show you form now on.

It’s a WR model, a rare find that has recently changed hands. It’s in full race trim, with a big carb, suicide clutch and heavy-duty Wico magneto. Originally raced by a privateer in the Pacific Northwest, it was retired in the 1960s when the new Harley KHK made its presence felt. The WR was stored in the back of a garage, its iron-barreled 738cc engine thoroughly worn out.

1946 Harley Davidson WR Racer Bike-1

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This fine piece of racing history is running the vintage motorcycle circuit in Australia—and once again, the Indians are chasing.

With thanks to photographer Jared Schoenemann and Tim Graber of Classic Motorcycle Consignments.