What If Guys Acted Like Girls On Instagram?

Imagine a world where men acted like women on Instagram.

There’s a hilarious Instagram account called brosbeingbasic that tries to show us what it would look like if men started making the same types of posts on Instagram that many women like to create.

Inspired by this account, other men across Instagram also started lampooning some of the posts they see women make most often. These were collected together by wittyandpretty.com, but you’re welcome to continue the trend by adding your own and voting for your favorites!

The Photoshopped Gym Selfie Shot




The Girly Group Squat Shot




The Cosy Evening Shot

Baby Belly Mirror Selfie

The “They Captured Me Unexpectedly” Shot



The Cozy Coffee Shot #Blanket Scarf



The Morning Meditation With Coffee Shot



The Trip Essentials Mirror Selfie

Presenting Outfits Of The Week



The “aerial coffee in bed” shot.


The “sneaky dog selfie” shot.

The “cupcake” shot.

The “#Blessed hot dog legs” shot.

The “eat clean/green smoothie selfie” shot.

The “Marilyn Monroe quote” shot.