Funny Photos of People Caught Sleeping in Libraries

Flickr user George Oates has curated an aptly titled gallery on the photo sharing website called People Sleeping in Libraries. The collection presents one hilarious image after the next of exactly what you’d expect—unknowing library-goers caught snoozing on the various couches and desks of book havens, surrounded by walls full of volumes of published text.

people-sleeping-in-libraries 1

people-sleeping-in-libraries 2 people-sleeping-in-libraries 3 people-sleeping-in-libraries 4 people-sleeping-in-libraries 6 people-sleeping-in-libraries 7 people-sleeping-in-libraries 8 people-sleeping-in-libraries 9 people-sleeping-in-libraries 10 people-sleeping-in-libraries 11

People Sleeping in Libraries on Flickr