Fantastic Photo Manipulations by John Wilhelm

Just by looking at these photos, it’s hard to tell who’s having more fun..the father or his three girls! About three years ago, John Wilhelm felt as though something was missing with his photography. Bored with just straight out of the camera shooting, he entered the world of digital manipulation. The rest, as they say, is history. “At that point I thought it would be impossible to reach a ‘pro-level; but I stuck to the idea and was able to progress pretty quickly,” he tells us. “Fortunately there are so many cool resources out there in the web to teach yourself.”

John had been surrounded with photography as a child, so it always played an important part in his life. His father was the founder of two photography clubs and John has many memories of playing in his darkroom with his sister, while his father was developing his shots.

johnwilhelm01 johnwilhelm02 johnwilhelm05 johnwilhelm08 johnwilhelm09 Mila Button and Lou-ke the Engine Driver johnwilhelm012 johnwilhelm12 Batlou

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