Fantastic iPhone Photos of People Floating in Mid-Air

Simone Bramante is a Bologna, Italy-based creative who helps companies come up with everything from their corporate identity to their social media strategy. He’s also a jack-of-all-trades, working as a commercial photographer, illustrator, and graphic designer. In his spare time, he puts down his hefty photography gear, his Canon 6D and L-series lenses, and he picks up his iPhone. Under the Instagram handle brahmino, he captures himself as well as others with their feet off the ground, or gracefully floating in mid-air.



SimoneBramante02 SimoneBramante03 SimoneBramante04 SimoneBramante05 SimoneBramante10 SimoneBramante15 SimoneBramante09 SimoneBramante08 SimoneBramante13 SimoneBramante06 SimoneBramante11 SimoneBramante12 SimoneBramante07

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