15 Photos Prove That Expectation vs Reality About Spring Break Destinations

Spring break destinations photos always looking stunning when you see on social media or photographers’ website.

Unfortunately, the photos you see of these destinations aren’t always an accurate representation of what you’ll encounter once you arrive.

Here we’ve gathered some amazing spring break destinations expectation vs reality pictures. Keep scrolling see the different.

South Padre Island.

Hundley_Photography / iStock

kylie_mac_ / Instagram


This empty resort pool in Punta Cana looks very inviting.

valio84sl / iStock

@bigboz_worldwide / Instagram


The Las Vegas strip looks dynamic

ucky-photographer / iStock

Daniel Douglas / Shutterstock


Cancún has beautiful beaches.

Irina Klyuchnikova / iStock

Israel Leal / AP


New Orleans’ French Quarter is charming and historic…

GTS Productions / Shutterstock

Chris Graythen/Getty Images


Jamaica’s Dunn’s River Falls beg to be explored.

Jan-Schneckenhaus / iStock

sainaniritu / iStock


Just you, South Beach, a cute lifeguard house, and empty stretches of white sand.

Flickr / Esa L

BrodieStephens / iStock

Emilio Labrador / Flickr


There’s no doubt that Walt Disney World in Florida is a magical place.

@jefflipack / Instagram

Chris Harrison / Flickr