Examples Of How Media Can Manipulate The Truth

The traditional news media has been having a rough time in the last few years. According to a recent survey, more Americans have a negative (43%) than a positive (33%) view of the news media, and are finding it harder to be well informed because it is getting harder to determine which news is accurate.

Kate Middleton And Prince William Presented Third Royal Baby To The World

TV News Station

U.s. Marines From The 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit Help An Iraqi Soldier With Water From A Canteen In Southern Iraq, March 21, 2003

Presidential Inauguration Of Donald Trump

Hillary Rally In Omaha

Soldiers Playing With The Kids

Pro-Immigration Protest

Conservative Leader Theresa May Launch’s The Party’s Campaign Bus In Northumberland

Photographer Ruben Salvadori Covered The Conflict Between Israeli Soldiers And Palestinian Youths. The Picture Above Was Staged In Cooperation With A Young Palestinian

Hilary Clinton Event In Ohio

Tax Protest In Paris

Clinton Rallie

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Aerial view of Iguazu Falls in Iguacu National Park

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