Epic Beach Fails: 16 Hilarious Photos of Summertime Gone Wrong

Nothing says,”Summer is here!” like the final days of May. ( I don’t care what the calendar says.) People begin to flock to campgrounds and lakes and state parks and, best of all, beaches. Starting this weekend, Moms and Dads everywhere will be shoving one last cooler into the back of the minivan and strapping one last bike to the back of the RV as they round up the hyper-excited kids and pile into the vehicle for the long hot ride to America’s favorite summer time destination by the sea.Of course, no matter how much we plan our family trips to the seashore, no matter how detailed and precise we are with our visions of how our vacation should go, something always goes bad, huh? Uproariously bad. Click through for 16 hilarious photos of summertime gone wrong! Epic Beach Fails

Epic Beach Fails

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