Enchanting Portraits of Fairytale Scenes Featuring Wild Animals

Moscow-based photographer Darya Kondratyeva reinterprets spellbinding tales of enchantment in her beautiful portraits of young women and their animal companions. Inspired by the stories of figures like Little Red Riding Hood, Gretel, and Brave’s Merida, the photographer transports the viewer to distant, mythical realms through her stunning shots.



DaryaKondratyeva1 DaryaKondratyeva2 DaryaKondratyeva3 DaryaKondratyeva4 DaryaKondratyeva5 DaryaKondratyeva6 DaryaKondratyeva7 DaryaKondratyeva8 DaryaKondratyeva9 DaryaKondratyeva11 DaryaKondratyeva12