Dogs Photobomb Celebrity Photos to Boost Pet Adoption

Dallas Pets Alive is a small, all-volunteer rescue company that’s coined the term “muttbomb.” The doggie version of photobombing, where someone unknowingly jumps into a picture, muttbombing take publicly posted photos from Instagram and photoshops a friendly face of a dog in need right inside of it.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon have now all been subtly muttbombombed. So far, the campaign has dramatically increased traffic to the rescue’s Instagram page and has aided in the increase of adoptions this year. Marketing firm Dieste Inc. is working pro bono on this campaign and has received calls from 10 shelters across the United States and one in the UK to see how they can try muttbombing as well.

muttbomb00 muttbomb01 muttbomb04 muttbomb05 muttbomb03 muttbomb06 muttbomb07 muttbomb08

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