Clever Artist Turns Doodles Into Imaginative Mirror Selfies

When 26-year-old Helene Meldahl, aka @mirrorsme, turns to the mirror to take a selfie, all kinds of wonderful and wild results emerge from her imagination. For more than a year, the young Norwegian artist has been filling her Instagram account with photographs that blend self-portraits with clever illustrations drawn on a mirror.

Mirrorsme1 Mirrorsme2 Mirrorsme3 Mirrorsme4 Mirrorsme5 Mirrorsme6 Mirrorsme7  Mirrorsme9 Mirrorsme10 Mirrorsme11 Mirrorsme12 Mirrorsme14 Mirrorsme16 Mirrorsme17 Mirrorsme18 Mirrorsme19 Mirrorsme20 Mirrorsme22