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    12 Makeup Looks For Each Zodiac Sign – Which One Is The Best?

    Instagram makeup guru Setareh Hosseini has combined beauty and astrology to produce breathtaking, other-worldly looks for each Zodiac sign, and we can’t even decide which one is the fiercest. Sagittarius Taurus Leo Scorpio Gemini Cancer Virgo Libra Aquarius Capricorn Pisces Aries via boredpanda More

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    16 Reasons Why You Should Marry Later in Life

    Talked to a few older women about the benefits of getting hitched in this particular decade, and here are the good things they had to say: 1. In your 30s, you’ve dated a lot, so you know exactly what you want from a partner and exactly what you don’t. When you meet someone, you know […] More

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    Disney Release The Jungle Book Movie Trailer

    The Disney studio has released the first official trailer for the anticipated live action remake. The remake features a number of well-known names voicing the much-loved characters, including Scarlett Johansson as Kaa, Idris Elba as Shere Khan, Bill Murray as Baloo and Ben Kingsley as Bagheera. The Jungle Book trailer: Thrills and Action for the new […] More

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    Funny Photos of People Caught Sleeping in Libraries

    Flickr user George Oates has curated an aptly titled gallery on the photo sharing website called People Sleeping in Libraries. The collection presents one hilarious image after the next of exactly what you’d expect—unknowing library-goers caught snoozing on the various couches and desks of book havens, surrounded by walls full of volumes of published text. […] More

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    Pictures of the year: Ebola

    Images from the global Ebola epidemic in 2014. Bystanders stand around the body of a suspected Ebola victim lying in a street in the town of Koidu, Kono district in Eastern Sierra Leone. Photo by Baz Ratner/Reuters. Thursday, December 18, 2014. View Photo Gallery More

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    Reuters Pictures of the Year 2014

    The famous press agency Reuters reveals like each year the compilation of its best pictures for the category “The Photographers’ Story”. Emotional images, from news topics to the most unusual moments.   Two women wearing nun outfits drink beer while watching the 2014 Tim Hortons Brier curling championships in Kamloops, British Columbia in this March […] More

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