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  • 20 WTF Perfectly Timed Photos You Can’t Unsee
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    20 WTF Perfectly Timed Photos You Can’t Unsee

    A perfectly timed photo can capture a beautiful sunset or shooting star. These photos capture people getting kicked in the nads. Alright, not all the photos are on the fail side of the camera lens, but all of them can be summed up with three letters “wtf!” Prepare your eyes, you can’t unsee this kind […] More

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    12 Cutest Photos of a Baby Napping with Bulldog Puppies

    The pictures feature an adorable baby all snuggled up with a litter of chubby French bulldog puppies. The baby was 3 months old when the photos were taken in November, and the puppies were 3 weeks old. Since then, the dogs all found new homes. But if you can’t get enough of these pics, you should […] More

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    16 Most Offensive Fake Ads Of The Year

    Every March, England holds the world’s biggest fake ad contest — the Chip Shop Awards. And drunken British Mad Men and Women respond with their best work. 16 Most Offensive Fake Advertisement, Fake Ads View Gallery More

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