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    20 Hilarious Pictures of People Falling Off Their Bicycle

    When a little kid who weighs 45 pounds fall on his bicycle — there isn’t too much damage done. But when an adult weighing 180 pounds falls on a bike, there’s much more pain involved, which basically means more laughter from a observers point of view. Today I have collected very funny people falling off bikes pictures […] More

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    20 Reality Almost Always Fails to Reach Your Expectations

    Unrealistic expectations might not be helpful and could have a negative impact on your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Here we gathered  20 reality almost always fails to reach your expectations. 1. Having the perfect wedding 2. Living in your dream home 3. Trying to have the perfect vacation 4. Having your son with a high IQ […] More

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    Epic Beach Fails: 16 Hilarious Photos of Summertime Gone Wrong

    Nothing says,”Summer is here!” like the final days of May. ( I don’t care what the calendar says.) People begin to flock to campgrounds and lakes and state parks and, best of all, beaches. Starting this weekend, Moms and Dads everywhere will be shoving one last cooler into the back of the minivan and strapping one […] More

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    20 Awesomest HADOKEN-ing Memes

    Japanese teens and Redditors aren’t the only ones jumping on HADOKEN-ing trend. The Japanese based meme washed upon American shores back in late March and since then has been resulting in viral photos (and probably broken hips) all over the net. These are 20 of our favs, the recent  HADOKEN-ing some friends. View Gallery More

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    16 Failed Expectation Ideas

    Are you sure it was, you’re sitting on the Internet, suddenly seen any interesting or funny picture in your head and immediately got the idea – you need to do the same. For example, take a picture of your child or a dog, as on the advertising photos for New Year holidays. The problem is […] More

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    12 Winners of the I look like my dog contest

    This funny set of pictures for a commercial shows the winners of the ‘I look like my dog’ contest. It proves that sooner or later dogs and their bosses will show more and more resemblances. Dog look like their boss View Gallery More

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    20 Photos of Smiles that Will Make You Smile

    It’s true that smiles are contagious, but not just any smile will suffice.  For instance, your worst enemy smirks something awful at you, that’s not a fun moment.  That’s why we’ve compiled some unambiguously wonderful expressions of happiness. They say it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile. View Gallery More

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    20 Worst Portrait Tattoos

    Bad tattoos might as well be named an American tradition. From prison ink to the infamous “tramp stamp” people all over the states regularly get tattoos that leave many of us asking “What the hell were you thinking?” Here we pay homage to a selection of the worst portrait tattoos around. Because who doesn’t want […] More

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