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    Funny Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and Watch memes

    Aaaand the floodgates have opened. Right after Apple unveiled its new products, we were treated to a different kind of Apple-gasm, as memes even from a year or two appeared on our social-media feeds. Here are some of them. View Gallery More

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    Bearded Dude Recreates Women’s Dating Selfies On Tinder

    Burly bearded Australian Instagrammer Jarrod Allen, known by his more than 18,000 Instagram followers as @Tindafella, has acquired a taste for public humiliation (both his and others’). He takes women’s portraits and selfies that he finds on the Tinder app and recreates them, often with hilarious results. The Tinder matchmaking app is simple – it […] More

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    College Life On Instagram Vs. College Life In Reality

    Because it’s not all hashtags and filters. College orientation on Instagram.  College Life On Instagram Vs. College Life In Reality   Dorming on Instagram.     Dorming in reality.   Hooking up on Instagram.   Hooking up in reality.   Spring break on Instagram. Spring break in reality.   Studying on Instagram. More

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    20 Popular Cute Cats Posing Like Pin-up Girls

    There was a market for comparisons between cats and pretty ladies. Therefore, Cats That Look Like Pinup Girls Tumblr makes comparisons between cats and beautiful people. They find a picture of a beautiful pinup, and then find a picture of a cute cat that matches it. These images are iconic, and what’s particularly fun and […] More

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    This Guy Is The Best and Worst At Celebrity Dress Up

    Instagrammer waverider_ aka Liam The Lion is a real gem of a human. Here he is dressed up and impersonating celebrities. I would put him right up there with our beloved Best and Worst Cosplayer. The ramen noodle hair is a nice touch, as is the necklace made out of actual lemons, but my personal […] More

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    World Cup Tourists Take Selfies With Toothy Suarez Ad

    An advertisement on Brazil’s Copacabana Beach is getting more attention than its creators ever intended. The ad, featuring serial football biter Luis Suarez with the words “all or nothing” in Portuguese, has become a popular spot for World Cup fans’ selfies. They’re looking for photographic evidence that they, too, have been bitten by the soccer […] More

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    Guy Creates Low-Cost DIY Costumes From Household Objects

    Cosplay, which is a pastime in which participants dress as and/or play as characters other than themselves, can be expensive or complicated to get into – good costumes aren’t cheap. These hilarious but wildly creative DOY costume ideas by Thai cosplay enthusiast Anucha “Cha” Saengchart, however, seek to change all that. Since establishing his “Lowcost […] More

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    GIFs Transform Political Rulers Into Fabulous Drag Queens

    In a political critique with a cutting comical tone, artist saint hoax has created a series of short animated gifs, which transform international political leaders into elaborately dressed-up drag queens.from russia’s vladamir putin to america’s former president george bush, the government chiefs are reworked into female forms, wearing ornate jewels and extravagant hairdos. struck by the richness […] More

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    People Blend Themselves in with Vinyl Records

    Sleeveface is described as “one or more persons obscuring or augmenting any part of their body or bodies with record sleeve(s), causing an illusion.” The funny phenomenon is immensely popular, inspiring many people to try their hand at it in an effort to produce the most convincing visual possible. The best part about Sleeveface is […] More

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    Hilarious Photos of “Miserable Men” on Shopping Trips

    Miserable Men is a hilarious single-topic Instagram account that shares images of men on shopping trips who are cheerlessly waiting for their partners to finish browsing, trying on clothes, and purchasing items. Whether they’re standing by a fitting room, finding a comfortable spot on a chair, or settling on the ground, these men are clearly […] More

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