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    12 Celebrity Lookalikes You Won’t Believe Are From Different Countries

    We all have a double (or doppelgänger) out there somewhere. In this post, we have gathered celebrity lookalikes, celebrities shows that the rich and the famous are not immune from having their doubles. Turkish George Clooney one1note Indonesian Barrack Obama The Associated Press,The Associated Press Mexican Morgan Freeman Serving You Tacos GallowBoob Brazilian Danny DeVito […] More

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    13 People Who Have No Idea How Offensive Their Shirts Are

    Let’s just assume these people have no idea what their shirts say. #1. Why is this in a children’s size? #2. This might not be the right look for his college interview. #3. I can’t tell if this shirt is an invitation or a warning. #4. Putting “whore” on a white dress is a nice touch. More

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    20 Perfectly Timed Dog Pictures

    The internet is full of hilarious perfectly-timed photos – so many, in fact, that we figured we might be able to make an entire post solely out of hilarious perfectly-timed dog photos. Turns out we were right! Perfectly-timed photos can be funny enough on their own, but they’re so much better when they’ve got a […] More

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    19 Things That Are Hilariously Similar To Each Other

    Everything in the world is linked far more closely than some of us may realize. Sometimes, what you thought was a bowl of ramen noodles is actually Justin Timberlake’s hair from his N’Sync days. This list will show you just how many strange and funny look-alikes there are out there.   Justin Timberlake’s Hair = […] More

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    What If Guys Acted Like Girls On Instagram?

    Imagine a world where men acted like women on Instagram. There’s a hilarious Instagram account called brosbeingbasic that tries to show us what it would look like if men started making the same types of posts on Instagram that many women like to create. Inspired by this account, other men across Instagram also started lampooning […] More

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    20 Hilarious Photos of Soldiers Seeing the Funny Side

    Soldiers are known for their black humour on the frontline as they see the funny side of life in the face of adversity. But these military personnel have taken things a step beyond in these hilarious images from the battlefield. These photographs, released by, celebrate the best humour from our soldiers, airmen and sailors. […] More

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    30 Times People Messed With Statues… And It Was Downright Hilarious.

    Statues and icons are an integral part of our society. We like to honor our forefathers, important members of the community, and religion via motionless statues. Some artists even express themselves by creating sculptures that represent so much more than meets the eye. They are beautiful and impressive… And posing with them can be so, […] More

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    20 Photos That Aren’t What They Seem

      This is actually perfectly safe That’s not what you think it is. This dog doesn’t really have two heads. He’s not really hovering above the pavement. This woman actually has a head. This girl doesn’t have a large hairy arm. Nope, not a woman with a foot-hand. […] More

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    15 Unmistakably Epic Wedding Photos

    Customary wedding snaps can get dull after a while but there’s a border to how much phony smiling and stroppy poses you can take! So-let-it-loose and let your character sparkle on your marriage day! These couples did! Even their wedding parties got involved. Of course, make sure to make your mom happy by getting those […] More

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    20 Of The Most Perfect Planking Moments Of All Time

    Planking is fun. Some people do it as exercise. If you for 15 seconds or 30 or a minute or more, it can help do that bit of magic every exercise seems to strives to accomplish. But now planking has gone limit less I mean animals also do planking. Here are 24 most amusing examples […] More

  • 20 Awesome Animal Photobombs

    20 Awesome Animal Photobombs

    Oh hai. Don’t mind me. What? Who creepy? Me?   Awe come on guys, I just wanted to hang out…   Becoming a mermaid. UR doin it wrong. Hey guys, are you seeing this??? Food, Want, Food, Want, Food, Want, Food…   Hey, let me out! I want to scratch both of you! Er.. I […] More

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