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    12 Origami Animals By Matthieu Georger

    Artist Matthieu Georger makes delightful origami sculptures of animals. Most are based on the designs of other origami artists, such as this impressive king cobra by Ronald Koh . View Gallery More

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    Coffee Portraits on 100-Year-Old Paper

    Michael Aaron Williams uses paper from old ledger books from the 1920s and 1930s as the canvas of his detailed portraits. He uses coffee and ink to create these beautiful images. Portraits Painted with Coffee on Old Paper.   More

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    Fashon Figures Dressed in Garden Leaves

    The latest series of illustrations ‘fashion in leaf’, by malaysian designer tang chiew ling displays figures dressed in leaves, direct from the garden. the limited range features the famous fashion icon audrey hepburn elegantly styled in simple leaf shapes. combining fashion, art and illustration the works are delicately constructed from beautiful pieces found in the natural world. the interpretation of […] More

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    Stunning Ice Sculptures Carved From Only One Block Of Ice

    Fairbanks, Alaska hosts the World Ice Art Championships every year and this year’s contestants did not disappoint. The 2013 edition featured over 70 teams of sculptors from all around the world. They took part in several contests in the month-long event, though some of the most impressive pieces seem to derive from the Single Block […] More

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    20 Aesthetic Swallow Tattoo Designs

    Swallow tattoo designs are becoming more popular especially among the sailors and girls. Swallow tattoos were considered as a figure used traditionally by the mariners to show off their sailing experience. A tattoo with a swallow has different meanings in different traditions.The swallow also signifies love, care and affection towards family and friends, showing the loyalty […] More

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    3D Printed Portrait Figurines by Twinkind

    ever imagined a true-to-life miniature version of yourself? well – now it’s possible. these 3D printed portrait figurines by twinkind are made using state-of-the art 3D scanning and color printing technology. the miniatures are available to anyone who can make it to twinkind’s studio in hamburg, with a 15cm tall figure costing €225 and a 35cm model […] More

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    Pardon My Dust: The Chalk Art of Peter Han

    Designer Peter Han (he rejects being called an artist) has worked as a conceptual designer for a number of different video games and films, but has also become known for a drawing class he teaches called Dynamic Sketching. Using only chalk, Han works with his students to let go of their preconceived notions about art and design […] More

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    Surreal Symbolic Sculptures by Michael Alfano

    Hopkinton, Massachusetts-based sculptor Michael Alfano creates surreal sculptures that use the human body and face to interpret philosophical ideas. The gifted artist’s creations blur the line between figurative and abstract as each piece incorporates elements of both to present a thought-provoking structure. More

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    20 Amazing J.R.R. Tolkien-Inspired Tattoos

    If tried to sweet talk your way into a sold-out screening of The Hobbit over the weekend, then you might not be surprised to hear that there are a ton of hardcore J.R.R. Tolkien fans out there. What we imagine might surprise you is how many of those fans, secretly tucked away under all of […] More

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    10 Incredible 3D Latte Art by Kazuki Yamamoto

    Latte art is assuredly artistic and inspiring, not to mention delightfully delicious, but Kazuki Yamamoto has brought it to the next level. Scratch that, the artform has been taken to the next dimension – his latte art pops out of the coffee cups! View Gallery More

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    Intricate Hand-Cut Leaf Designs Reflect Wonders of Nature

    Spain-based artist Lorenzo Durán transforms the already baffling wonder of nature into even more incredible works of hand-cut art. The self-taught artist first began carving when he saw a caterpillar eating a leaf and was inspired to use a similar dissection technique to reveal the hidden mysteries of nature. More

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