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BMW Rapp Concept

Design student Dejan Hristov has created some renderings of a BMW Rapp concept to celebrate the brand’s 100th anniversary. In 1913, Rapp Motorenwerke – the company that gave birth to BMW in 1917 – was founded. Unmistakably a BMW with design cues borrowed from models throughout the years, notably the 60s- and 70s-style front grille, and the high-sitting tailpipes that nod to the 1939 Buegelfalte and the 1968 BMW 2002, the concept also pays tribute to Karl Rapp’s aircraft engine manufacturing company with the hood styled on vintage aircraft.

BMW Rapp 1

BMW Rapp 2 BMW Rapp 3 BMW Rapp 4 BMW Rapp 5 BMW Rapp 6 BMW Rapp 7 BMW Rapp 8 BMW Rapp 9 BMW Rapp 10 BMW Rapp 11 BMW Rapp 12 BMW Rapp 13 BMW Rapp 14