30 Best Wedding Photobombs Of All Time

50 Best Wedding Photobombs

It’s your wedding day, and you want your day to go perfectly. After all, you’re supposed to get hitched without a hitch. But it wouldn’t be a wedding without a few surprising hiccups. And boy were these newlyweds surprised while taking their wedding photos.

It turns out the images that were supposed to immortalize the big event ended up sticking out like a sore thumb. But you know who you can thank for that? It’s these devious trolls, human or otherwise, who decided to rudely make a guest appearance. So, check out this epic wedding photobombs, which made these couples’ wedding albums even cooler.

The moment you get upstaged by a squirrel who’s begging for love and affection too.

Best Wedding Photobombs

BDFK Photography


The only thing that can steal the spotlight from a kiss is when another couple upstages you.

Best Wedding Photobombs

When you find the perfect venue for your wedding photo and this happens.

Best Wedding Photobombs

Jonas Peterson


“Hi there! Is it time to take wedding photos already? Can I join?”

Best Wedding Photobombs



Life will literally skate by you whether you’re ready for it or not, even at your own wedding.

Best Wedding Photobombs

Brian Dorsey Studios


If you ask for a country wedding, you’re going to get it and so much more than you expected.

Best Wedding Photobombs

Rebecca Sprau Photography


Her Expression Says It All

Best Wedding Photobombs

Orange Girl

If you’ve ever needed a better excuse to pick bridesmaids carefully, this photo will do it.

Best Wedding Photobombs

When you’re trying to exchange your wedding and the kids steal the spotlight.

Best Wedding Photobombs

Del Sol Photography

When the only thing on a guy’s mind is the buffet and he doesn’t care who’s taking photos.

50 Best Wedding Photobombs

Wix Photography

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