Most Beautiful Celebrities Pose With Younger Versions of Themselves

Right around award season time, released a great set of photoshopped images that showed Oscar nominees posing with younger versions of themselves. While People is known as a weekly magazine made up of celebrity and human-interest stories, it makes worldwide headlines for its special yearly issues like “World’s Most Beautiful People”, “Best & Worst Dressed”, and “Sexiest Man Alive”.



To bring attention to the unveiling of its 2014 list of the “World’s Most Beautiful”, set for April 23, People bring us back in time showing us what some of the best looking celebrities looked like years or even decades before. Each year since 1990, People has shined a spotlight on a particular beauty, and though, during that particular year that celebrity seemed to win the world over with their stye and grace, when paired next to their younger selves, you can’t help but see what incredible transformations they’ve had to go through to win that coveted title.