Artist Creates Elaborate Non-Photoshopped Scenes in Her Small Studio

Like American artist Sandy Skoglund, JeeYoung Lee creates highly elaborate scenes that require an incredible amount of patience and absolutely no photo manipulation. For weeks and sometimes months, the young Korean artist works in the confines of her small 360 x 410 x 240 cm studio bringing to life worlds that defy all logic. In the middle of the sets you can always find the artist herself, as these are self-portraits but of the unconventional kind. Inspired by either her personal life or old Korean fables, they each have their own backstory, which of course, only adds to the intense drama.


blackbirds_120x96cm_Inkjetprint_2009 brokenheart_120x96cm_Inkjetprint_2011 flu_120x96cm_Inkjetprint_2008 foodchain_160x128cm_Inkjetprint_2008 leejeeyoung leejeeyoung01 leejeeyoung02 leejeeyoung03 leejeeyoung06 leejeeyoung07 maidenvoyage_120x96cm_Inkjetprint_2009 nightmare_120x96cm_Inkjetprint_2010 treasurehunt_120x96cm_Inkjetprint_2010