26 Multiple Exposure Photography

Of all the different types of photography techniques I’ve come across this past year, multiple exposure has really stood out. When done properly, the results are magical.

Multiple exposure photography is when two or more individual exposures are made to create a single photograph. The resulting photographic image shows the images superimposed or layered over one another.

Here are eight of the best multiple exposure photographers we’ve come across over the last few years. Each stand out for their own, unique style.

AndredeFreitas1 AndredeFreitas2 AndredeFreitas9 AndredeFreitas16 CharlesBergquist2 DanMountford1 citygirl2 citygirl CharlesBergquist4 CharlesBergquist3 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA DanMountford3 doubleexposure2 doubleexposure5 doubleexposure8 OliverMorris16 OliverMorris15 OliverMorris3 OliverMorris1 doubleexposure16 TamaraLichtenstein TamaraLichtenstein3 TamaraLichtenstein5 tierneygearon2 tierneygearon14 tierneygearon0000