Amazing Winners of the 2018 Siena International Photo Awards

The annual Siena International Photo Awards (SIPA) reveal parts of the world that go unknown to many. Now in their fourth year, the contest demonstrates an incredible range of subject matter, from amazing portraits of the animal kingdom to heart-wrenching photos of humanity to applaudable feats of architecture. The awe-inspiring pictures are in keeping with the mission of the contest. SIPA is hosted by Art Photo Travel, a non-profit organization whose mission involves “cultural initiatives aimed at spreading, promoting and enhancing art, monuments, traditions, cultures and natural beauty from all around the world.”

The 2018 competition saw more than 48,000 entries from amateur and professional photographers in 156 countries.

The Siena International Photo Awards is a yearly culture and nature photo contest that selects an incredible variety of images from every corner of the globe.

“Kid with Hand Crafts” by David Nam Lip Lee. Ethiopia. 1° Classified, Fascinating Faces and Characters.


“Migration” by Khalid Alsabt. Desert of Dahana, Saudi Arabia. 2° Classified, The Beauty of Nature.

“Game of Colors” by Anurag Kumar. Nandgaon, Uttar Pradesh, India. 2° Classified, Fragile Ice.

“Henningsvær Football Field” by Misha De-Stroyev. Henningsvær, Lofoten Islands, Norway. 2° Classified, Architecture & Urban Spaces.

“Battle Victim” by K M Asad. Ukhiya, Bangladesh. SIPA Contest Photo of the Year.

Amazing Winners of the 2018 Siena International Photo Awards
In Cox’s Bazar, Asmat Ara looks clearly traumatized after the recent violence which took place in Myanmar, on September 6th, 2017. The previous night she had entered Tenkhali Rohingya refugee camp with her family from Kumar Khali, Myanmar Rohingya state. According to the UNHCR, more than 646,000 Rohingya refugees have fled from Myanmar since August 25th, 2017, most of them trying to cross the border to reach Bangladesh.

“Facing Reality” by Amos Nachoum. Pleneau Island, Antarctic Peninsula. 1° Classified, Animals in Their Environment.

“Floating Market” by Sina Falker. Borneo, Indonesia. 1° Classified, Fragile Ice.

“Hanging in the Primary Forest” by Marco Gaiotti. Gunung Leuser National Park, Indonesia. Honorable Mention, Animals in Their Environment.

“El Calbuco” by Francisco Negroni. Los Ríos Region, Chile. 1° Classified, The Beauty of Nature.

“Reflection Pole Vault” by Ajuriaguerra Saiz Pedro Luis. Bilbao, Spain. 1° Classified, Sports in Action.

“Toy Houses” by Fyodor Savintsev. Arkhangelsk, Russia. 1° Classified, Architecture & Urban Spaces.

“On Guard” by Riksa Dewantara. Bromo Semeru Tengger National Park, Indonesia. 2° Classified, Journeys & Adventures.

“Fisherman at Inle Lake” by Yinzhi Pan. Inle Lake, Myanmar. 1° Classified, Student.

“Every Breath You Take” by Klaus Lenzen. Duesseldorf, Germany. 1° Classified, General Color.

“The Wave” by Lorraine Turci. South of Drake Passage, Antarctica waters. 3° Classified, Journeys & Adventures.

“Snowfall” by Matthias Hangst. Lahti, Finland. Honorable Mention, Sports in Action.

“Runner” by Marcel van Balken. Arnhem, The Netherlands. 1° Classified, General Monochrome.

This photograph highlights the modern architecture of Arnhem Central Station in the Netherlands by using black and white technique and the movement of the runner in the static scene. Siena International Photo Awards 2018