2017 BMW i3 Photos

2017 BMW i3

The exterior of the 2017 BMW i3 is designed to both give a large interior space and to make sure that anyone looking at the car knows it’s not your ordinary gas-guzzler.

BMW’s blue detailing and the i3’s somewhat futuristic body shaping come together for a unique look that can be polarizing, but is definitely not carbon copied(Credit: Aaron Turpen / New Atlas)

2017 BMW i3

BMW calls the smaller battery the “i3 60 Ah” and the larger battery the “i3 90 Ah” models(Credit: Aaron Turpen / New Atlas)

2017 BMW i3

The 60 Ah model is rated for about 81 miles (130 km) per charge, the 90 Ah for about 120 miles (200 km), and the range-extended model is good for about 180 miles (290 km)(Credit: Aaron Turpen / New Atlas)

2017 BMW i3The BMW i3’s interior is comfortable and designed to both let you know you’re in an electric car and to maximize interior room(Credit: Aaron Turpen / New Atlas)

2017 BMW i32017 BMW i3

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