12 Touching First Look Photos That Show Grooms Crying

In wedding photography, the first look is that beautifully authentic moment when a groom first lays eyes on his bride. Usually occurring before the ceremony, it’s a quiet moment filled with anticipation and emotion. Dressed in white and with her hair and makeup done to perfection, the bride is a vision. While the first look can be scheduled for a number of different reasons, for instance to calm pre-wedding jitters or so that the couple can save time by taking pre-wedding shots, lately it’s become a growing trend to photograph it.

Today, we’ve brought together our own list of favorite first look moments. The expressions on the grooms’ faces are priceless and you can’t help but want to wish a lifetime of happiness to each of the hope-filled couples.



photo credit: Michelle Newell Photography


Photo: Marni Rothschild Pictures


Photo: Andria Lindquist


Photo: Stella Uys


Photo: Simply Bloom Photography

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