Vogue Fashion Dolls – The Haute Couture dolls of Giampaolo Sgura

A collection of Haute Couture dolls by photographer Giampaolo Sgura, who staged the models Magdalena Frackowiak and Elisabet Erm in the manner of fake Barbies, as a tribute to the universes of the great names of fashion, from Louis Vuitton to Chanel through Dior, Valentino or Gucci.


giampaolo-sgura-fashion-dolls-1 giampaolo-sgura-fashion-dolls-2

A series created for magazine Vogue Paris.

giampaolo-sgura-fashion-dolls-3 giampaolo-sgura-fashion-dolls-4 giampaolo-sgura-fashion-dolls-5 giampaolo-sgura-fashion-dolls-6 giampaolo-sgura-fashion-dolls-7 giampaolo-sgura-fashion-dolls-8 giampaolo-sgura-fashion-dolls-9 giampaolo-sgura-fashion-dolls-10 giampaolo-sgura-fashion-dolls-11 giampaolo-sgura-fashion-dolls-12 giampaolo-sgura-fashion-dolls-13

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