Surreal And Dreamlike Photography By Rosie Hardy

Rosie Hardy is a worldwide photographer based in Manchester, UK, and you are really lucky if you live near her, because she is offering workshops to those interested in learning her photography techniques, and believe me, from what we’ve seen, there are lots of things to learn.


rosie-hardy-photography-1 rosie-hardy-photography-2

rosie-hardy-photography-3 rosie-hardy-photography-4 rosie-hardy-photography-6 rosie-hardy-photography-7 rosie-hardy-photography-8 rosie-hardy-photography-9 rosie-hardy-photography-10 rosie-hardy-photography-11 rosie-hardy-photography-12 rosie-hardy-photography-13 rosie-hardy-photography-14 rosie-hardy-photography-15 rosie-hardy-photography-16 rosie-hardy-photography-17 rosie-hardy-photography-18 rosie-hardy-photography-19 rosie-hardy-photography-20 rosie-hardy-photography-21 rosie-hardy-photography-22 rosie-hardy-photography-23 rosie-hardy-photography-25 rosie-hardy-photography-26

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