Striking Photographs Of Geometric Light Patterns Projected On Models

London-based fashion photographer Sølve Sundsbø is back with another stunning series featuring dazzling light patterns projected on models.




Strikingly mesmerizing, the lines and polka dots covering their faces and bodies curve and wrap around their contours, making for a visually arresting sight.

Numero Numero Stripes-and-Polka-Dots-Projection-Portraits-2 Stripes-and-Polka-Dots-Projection-Portraits-5 Stripes-and-Polka-Dots-Projection-Portraits-6 Stripes-and-Polka-Dots-Projection-Portraits-7 Numero Numero Numero Numero Stripes-and-Polka-Dots-Projection-Portraits-14 Numero