Stunning Scrap Metal Sculptures Of The Famous Movie Characters

Ban Hun Lek, a metal workshop in Thailand, creates beautiful sculptures out of various bits of scrap metal. And they don’t limit themselves to robots or abstract pieces – some of their most famous pieces successfully emulate smooth organic forms as well.

One of the most popular centerpieces of their collection is their fearsome Hulk statue, which has all the details down to his mutated musculature and ferocious snarl.




scrap-metal-sculptures-hulk-ban-hun-lek-4 scrap-metal-sculptures-hulk-ban-hun-lek-5 scrap-metal-sculptures-hulk-ban-hun-lek-6 scrap-metal-sculptures-hulk-ban-hun-lek-7 scrap-metal-sculptures-hulk-ban-hun-lek-8 scrap-metal-sculptures-hulk-ban-hun-lek-9 scrap-metal-sculptures-hulk-ban-hun-lek-10 scrap-metal-sculptures-hulk-ban-hun-lek-11 scrap-metal-sculptures-hulk-ban-hun-lek-12 scrap-metal-sculptures-hulk-ban-hun-lek-13 scrap-metal-sculptures-hulk-ban-hun-lek-15

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