Métropolisson Photography Project by Janol Apin

Métropolisson is a creative project by Parisian photographer Janol Apin that takes place on the many stations of the Paris Metro. Using the underground metro stops as the inspiration behind each image, Apin creates visual puns and anecdotal scenes that relate to their respective station names.

janolapinmetropolisson1 janolapinmetropolisson2

janolapinmetropolisson3 janolapinmetropolisson4 janolapinmetropolisson10 janolapinmetropolisson6 janolapinmetropolisson7 janolapinmetropolisson9 janolapinmetropolisson8 janolapinmetropolisson5 janolapinmetropolisson15 janolapinmetropolisson14 janolapinmetropolisson12 janolapinmetropolisson11 janolapinmetropolisson13

Janol Apin website
via [mymodernmet]

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