Maasai Warriors by Lee Howell

Photographer and creative retoucher Lee Howell made great images reproducing the world of the Masai tribe. By selecting the most representative elements of the environment in which members of the tribe live, the photographer has reconstructed all the elements and even the lights into a realistic staging.



Maasai-Warriors-by-Lee-Howell-3 Maasai-Warriors-by-Lee-Howell-4 Maasai-Warriors-by-Lee-Howell-5 Maasai-Warriors-by-Lee-Howell-6 Maasai-Warriors-by-Lee-Howell-7 Maasai-Warriors-by-Lee-Howell-8 Maasai-Warriors-by-Lee-Howell-9 Maasai-Warriors-by-Lee-Howell-10 Maasai-Warriors-by-Lee-Howell-11 Maasai-Warriors-by-Lee-Howell-12 Maasai-Warriors-by-Lee-Howell-13 Maasai-Warriors-by-Lee-Howell-14

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