Lotus C-01 motorcycle

Lotus Motorcycles has released the first images of its new lightweight C-01 superbike, produced by a collaboration of motorsport veterans led by Dr Colin Kolles of Kodewa, with support from the Holzer Group, all under license from Group Lotus plc.

lotusc-011195v-twinsuperbike lotusc-011195v-twinsuperbike-1

lotusc-011195v-twinsuperbike-3 lotusc-011195v-twinsuperbike-29 lotusc-011195v-twinsuperbike-4 lotusc-011195v-twinsuperbike-5 lotusc-011195v-twinsuperbike-16 lotusc-011195v-twinsuperbike-12 lotusc-011195v-twinsuperbike-37 lotusc-011195v-twinsuperbike-11 lotusc-011195v-twinsuperbike-32 lotusc-011195v-twinsuperbike-9 lotusc-011195v-twinsuperbike-30

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