Viscous-Looking Photos of Models Completely Encased in Honey

Los Angeles-based photographer Blake Little covers the human body in honey and captures the sweet, sticky results. The series is titled Preservation, and it features images of nude or barely-clothed models that are coated from head to toe in the amber-colored liquid. This simple act seems to transform the subject from an animated figure to a sculpture frozen in place.   After pouring buckets of honey onto the models, Little allows the substance a moment to flow and dribble. The viscous goo cascades from its forms and creates long, elegant drips that both exaggerates and elongates the figures’ poses. Since


Striking Celebrity Portraits Taken at Vanity Fair’s Oscar Party 2015

Hollywood’s elite came out to play last night at Vanity Fair’s Oscar party. Just like last year, famed photographer Mark Seliger was on hand, working with Instagram in capturing intimate portraits of A-list celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Lady Gaga.   Ladygaga Eddie Redmayne (Winner Best Actor) J.K. Simmons (Winner Best Supporting Actor) Rita Ora Oprah Winfrey Mindy Kaling Ansel Elgort Sofia Vergara Steve Martin Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher Jason Wu and Karlie Kloss Adam Levine and Bahati Prinsloo Monica Lewinsky Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Judd Apatow,


Amazing Squirrel Photographs Captured by Vadim Trunov

The amazing images, captured by photographer Vadim Trunov, appear to show one squirrel flying through the air to catch the cone after its companion throws it – but the truth is rather less friendly.   500px | (h/t: dailymail)


Russian Photographer Creates Stunning Visual Narratives Inspired by Fairytales

Russian photographer Margarita Kareva brings fairytales and other magical stories to life in her gorgeous fine-art portraiture. With the goal of weaving fictional narratives that fall outside the realm of photorealism, Kareva immerses her beautiful subjects in fantastical scenes that look straight out of a storybook. Some of the images are clear allusions to well-known tales like Snow White and Cinderella, while others create a more general aura of enchantment that’s equally stunning.   Margarita Kareva’s website Margarita Kareva on 500px via


Brothers Recreate Childhood Photos To Make Their Mom The Best Calendar Ever

Three brothers from Philadelphia, PA gave their mother a blast from the past — in photo form. They decided to recreate their childhood photos with some help from their mom-mom and dad so they could surprise their mom with a calendar.      

This moment, when he sees his baby girl arrive

15 Heartwarming Photos That Capture Dads’ Reactions To Seeing Their Little Girls As Brides

Here are pictures that beautifully capture that special moment between father and daughter before she gets married.  View Gallery  


Photographer Captures Enchanting Snapshots of Himself Feeding Wild Animals

21-year-old, Finland-based photographer Konsta Punkka has an extraordinary gift with animals, as can be seen from his close interactions with wildlife captured on camera. The self-described “squirrel whisperer” uses his iPhone and DSLR to capture enchanting snapshots of woodland creatures from an incredibly short distance, often within arm’s reach. Birds, squirrels, and foxes draw near to eat food directly from his hand, resulting in intimate portraits from a unique perspective.   Konsta Punkka’s website Konsta Punkka on 500px Konsta Punkka on Instagram


Enchanting Fairytale-Inspired Photos by Anita Anti

New York-based Ukrainian photographer Anita Anti uses elaborate costumes, makeup, and props to capture imaginative portraits inspired by fairytales and fantasy. Anita Anti Photography on Facebook Anita Anti on Flickr via


30 Photographs Of People From Around The World

Here is just a small sample of the beauty our world.   source imgur


Photographer Continues to Follow His Girlfriend Around The World (New Photos)

Photographer Murad Osmann creatively documents his travels around the world with his girlfriend leading the way in his ongoing series known as Follow Me To. View Gallery Photographer’s Girlfriend Leads Him Around the World  

LIFEbike: Electric Bicycle

Revelo LIFEbike brings a completely fresh approach to electric bicycle design, shaving weight and adding to the fun factor. Created by Henry Chong as his thesis project for his Industrial Design degree, LIFE stands for Lightweight, Intelligent, Flexible, Electric. And taking a look at how cool and convenient this small-profile bike is, we doubt another name could describe it better.

LIFEbike as heavy as a casual bicycle: 15 kg (33 lbs). The 36V lithium battery can store 10 Ah and this is enough for 30 km (19 miles) of all-electric riding; using the pedals will increase the range, of course.

Toronto-based entrepreneur Henry Chong, riding the LIFEbike

View Gallery


Viscous-Looking Photos of Models Completely Encased in Honey
Striking Celebrity Portraits Taken at Vanity Fair’s Oscar Party 2015
Amazing Squirrel Photographs Captured by Vadim Trunov
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