Arash debuts the 550-hp AF8

Thanks to the Geneva Motor Show, “supercars,” including the Koenigsegg One:1 and Pagani Zonda Revolucion, have been a major focus of automotive news this month. But one supercar that debuted just prior to the show and didn’t make an appearance in Geneva is the Arash AF8 – a light, lithe British exotic sports car with a big 7.0-liter engine.


arashaf8-28 arashaf8-29

arashaf8-30 arashaf8-31 arashaf8-32 arashaf8-41 arashaf8-40 arashaf8-35 arashaf8-34 arashaf8-33 arashaf8-48 arashaf8-47 arashaf8-46 arashaf8-43 arashaf8-42

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